Stephen SANTOS

About the Author.


Stephen, his wife and five children moved from Pennsylvania where he was born and raised, to Northern California, where he wrote this series.  He and his family currently reside in South Carolina, with their dog, North.

He has done everything from carpentry to writing and recording music; from teaching children who did not have a stable home-life to washing the dishes at his own home; and from leading his kids on adventures in the woods to loving his neighbors, whoever they may be.  He has been on a journey for years now, discovering that it is not about the "What" we do in life.  It is about the "How" we do whatever has been given us to do.



He finds great joy in sharing his own story with others; the one where he was led out of religion by Love.

And to this end he writes books, he writes songs, he swings a hammer, he serves and loves his family, he encourages those around him, he prays for broken hearts and broken bodies. But more important and precious to him than any of those things, he walks and talks with his friend Jesus about all of it.  He has become convinced that if he does everything while walking with Jesus, he will truly have the privilege and blessing of The Abundant Life.