The Compass Series (All Books)



In a world filled with images of broken lives, and broken relationships, Joshua’s story bleeds the beauty of true love onto this canvas.

After carrying his bride through her illness, Joshua finds himself fighting for his marriage and the well being of his two children. He must now step through the pain of a betrayal he did not deserve. Along the way he uncovers the value of surrendering things that seem important and grasping for the things that truly are. Though it is a journey he did not plan, he never imagined what lay on the other side.



The journey toward freedom is rarely a paved road or well-maintained trail. In the struggle to find our way, we learn to use the tools we need to help us on the journey. As Bridget's life unravels, she is joined by two companions--fear and pain. These two crippling emotions direct her way. When she tries to take control of her life circumstances, the quickest path out of her pain ultimately imprisons her. As she faces her guilt she finds that no prison can hold back the freeing power of love. S, the second book of The Compass Series, will both clarify past events and point the way toward what is to come.



In a world vying for our attention, the art of persuasion is, as some would know it, a highly crafted art. Yet for Ralph, it is woven into the fabric of his very nature.

Follow Ralph through his formative years and on, as he uncovers who he is and, ultimately, where he belongs. "E" begs you to confront the reality that not everything in our world is good; nor is evil a force to be dealt with only in the realm of fantasy.  Ralph’s presence in each character’s journey illuminates their weaknesses, allowing them to be drawn out of the shadows and dealt with in the light of truth. This third book of The Compass Series will leave you unsettled as you wrestle with the ultimate consequences of Ralph's actions.




FOR SUCH A TIME AS THIS resonates across the pattern of each of our lives.

The journey of discovering THE WHY we were put on this Earth is one that each of us must take. Yet in that journey we also uncover the answers to THE HOW, THE WHAT and, ultimately, THE WHO.

W finds Bridget disoriented, confused and struggling to make sense of her world that’s been turned upside down. Follow her through what seems like a maze of realities that eventually lead to One. This fourth and final book of The Compass Series will leave you standing beside Bridget, yearning for the embrace of home and faced with the decision of whether the path that leads there is worth the cost.