The Compass Series

“A down to Earth, gritty and painful search for true love”

This story tells a story of love that is far too uncommon in this world. The context, however, is set in circumstances that are far too common in this world.
— Carman Niesley, Artist and Pastor
Stephen masterfully draws you into his story with profound character intuition and descriptive life twists we all can relate to. Be careful, when you pick up The Compass Series, you won’t be able to put it down but you’ll be better for it.
— Joshua Johnson, CEO of Mindbox Studios

Final Book of the compass series

"W"  by Stephen Santos

 FOR SUCH A TIME AS THIS resonates across the pattern of each of our lives.

The journey of discovering THE WHY we were put on this Earth is one that each of us must take. Yet in that journey we also uncover the answers to THE HOW, THE WHAT and, ultimately, THE WHO.

W finds Bridget disoriented, confused and struggling to make sense of her world that’s been turned upside down. Follow her through what seems like a maze of realities that eventually lead to One. This fourth and final book of The Compass Series will leave you standing beside Bridget, yearning for the embrace of home and faced with the decision of whether the path that leads there is worth the cost.


Book Four of The Compass Series