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N, Book 1 of The Compass Series

Book N was released November 2015 in digital form and May of 2016 in print.

–In a world filled with images of broken lives, and broken relationships, Joshua’s story bleeds the beauty of true love onto this canvas.

After carrying his bride through her illness, Joshua finds himself fighting for his marriage and the well being of his two children. He must now step through the pain of a betrayal he did not deserve. Along the way he uncovers the value of surrendering things that seem important and grasping for the things that truly are. Though it is a journey he did not plan, he never imagined what lay on the other side.



–With nuggets of wisdom from above scattered throughout the whole narrative, you will receive a wonderful vision of hope, no matter how difficult your situation. N reveals a blueprint for heavenly families that God is releasing on the earth. Be blessed and grab ahold of what the Lord will impart to you, your marriage and your family as you journey through these pages. Read this together as a family, a couple or by yourself but read it, it’s more real than you can imagine.

-Barry and Lori Byrne: Founders of Nothing Hidden Ministries


“Stephen Santos opens his heart, exposes his pain and grief like few authors are able to do.  He doesn’t try to hide from the ugly realities that challenge his walk with Christ and seek to draw him from the path that leads to life.  He is easy to read and what he says is worth reading.  Do not be surprised when truth suddenly blooms before you with the beauty of a magnificent flower or when grief in a failing effort attacks the logic of your faith.  In the end you will be wonderfully refreshed.”

-Charles Carrin (

  Author of On Whose Authority, The Edge of Glory and more.  Co-author with R.T. Kendall and Jack Taylor of Word Spirit Power


“N tells a story of a groom relentlessly pursuing his wayward bride –a down-to-earth, gritty and painful search for true love and a family lost.  Along the way, we’re filled with wisdom, struggle alongside another as she wrestles to receive love and reminded of the importance of adventure in our everyday lives.  Unless we’re constantly on guard, it’s easy to get swept up in the tidal wave of culture that places ultimate value on the destination.

N sets us on the path toward truth.  In a sense, it begins the re-orientation process that so importantly reminds us of the value of the journey.  And of the power of a selfless love that is focused on grace and surrender.”

-Troy Mouer

  Mixed Media Artist (Cover Design); DefytheGray Blogger; Music, Media and Art Enthusiast; Attorney


“Stephen masterfully draws you into his story with profound character intuition and descriptive life twists we all can relate to. Be careful, when you pick up the Compass Series, you won’t be able to put it down but you’ll be better for it.”

-Joshua Johnson

 Land Developer


“This book tells a story of love that is far too uncommon in this world.  The context, however, is set in circumstances that are far too common in this world.  The reader will be drawn into the unfolding drama from the very beginning as the stage is set with a shocking announcement that has the potential to wreck the life of Josh and his family.  Through the developing circumstances that follow, one can’t help but be challenged and filled with hope as the conclusion is reached in a gripping confrontation between good and evil.  Do yourself a favor and enjoy the rewarding experience you will have in reading this book.”

-Carman Niesley

  Artist; Pastor; One of the greatest men I know.


No journey of the heart is for the weak-willed.  It is in the vulnerable places we find what has been hidden, wounded and lost.  These vulnerable places are not an option on the path.  But are they bad?  Or are they the doorway to true intimacy and the deep rooted love we all long for but often doubt we deserve?  May we all find ourselves knit in between the plot and pages of this story, and in so doing, find a coming home.”

-Jennifer Wilhite

  Song writer; Artist; Creative writer