The Compass Series


Welcome to the journey...

That just may change your life.

Unlike most series which are linear on a timeline, the Compass Series actually walks around one storyline for the first 3 books, with the fourth book carrying on where the others left off.  It is one story from four vantage points.  Each book fills in more details about the main characters and is written from different character’s perspectives.

Book “N”, lays out the main storyline from Joshua’s perspective.  I liken it to laying the foundation for a house.  I’ve had many interesting comments about “N” by readers so far.  Some have said it is like a spiritual experience, one person related it to the feeling that a song gives you.  Other people have likened it to other books they have connected with.  But no matter what you think it is like, I’m more excited about the fruit it grows in your life than just the thoughts you have in your mind.  And this is why the whole series is so important.  It was designed to be more than fiction, it was designed to lead you to the next step on your journey through life.

In Book “S”, which is the second book in the series, you will find the story behind Bridget.  You will learn the many reasons why she made the choices she did.  You will also see further into what happened on that stormy night.

Book “E”, which is the third book in the series, is from Ralph’s perspective.  This has a surprising twist to it.  And was the most difficult for me to write.  I’ve been joking with people that if they like “N” then they will love “S”.  They will struggle with “E”, but “W” will bring it all back together.

“W” is the last book of the series.  It is the rest of the story, and I consider it my great crescendo.  It ties up loose ends, brings clarity to cloudiness, and ultimately helps the reader carry the understanding and revelation out of the story and back into their own life circumstances.

One thing that has become very clear to me in the process of writing and editing these books is that it is not only about a story.  This whole series is about an experience.  I didn’t set out to try and make people feel things, I was directed to write a book and so I simply sat down and wrote, and what you will find within the pages of this series is the product.  I believe with all my heart that this series is not just about Joshua and Bridget’s journey.  It is the story of all of our lives in some way or another.  And the true miracle of the story is its ability to uncover your wounds, so that they can be truly healed.

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