The Compass series

“A down to Earth, gritty and painful search for true love”

“This story tells a story of love that is far too uncommon in this world. The context, however, is set in circumstances that are far too common in this world.”

— Carman Niesley, Artist and Pastor

“Stephen masterfully draws you into his story with profound character intuition and descriptive life twists we all can relate to. Be careful, when you pick up The Compass Series, you won’t be able to put it down but you’ll be better for it.”

— Joshua Johnson, CEO of Mindbox Studios


When I picked up a friends guitar in college I didn’t have any idea what it would open up inside of me.

There have been songs that have come to me for my encouragement, songs for others that helped them on their journey, and songs for a King that deserves far more than the pictures and melodies that my human words can put together.

One of my greatest enjoyments is writing stories into music. Stories that make you need to go back and listen again, to make sure you understood what was below the surface speaking to the deeper parts of who you really are.

My target is not the charts of human ears. It the hearts of all who are hungry and thirsty and need help finding the direction to be satisfied.


I can only extend to others that which I was given. These writings are my personal connection points with the Lord. They have been private for years, but I now release them to any who would receive them for encouragement and edification for their journey with Jesus.